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Missing Month

Somehow, I managed to write nothing in my blog for over a month. While the vacation did require some post-trip recovery, a number of other things contributed to my disappearance. First and foremost, the lovely world of Wii sucked me into it. My daughter’s purchase of Animal Crossing has definitely been a curse and a blessing. I love the game and have been quite successful, but WOW does it suck up time. Beyond that, I have been attempting to get back into some type of rhythm because I have already experienced two weeks of teaching. Certainly, doing my best to prep for the start of school also ate up time. Our strategic planning process was fascinating this summer, but taxed me beyond belief. More than anything, I have had a difficult time maintaining a consistent level of energy. On that note, I must get into bed. I actually had three nights in a row at the end of last week when I took only one dose of Xyrem. Such situations will not get me back into a regular routine anytime soon.

Before I go, though, I need to acknowledge two things. One, I have had a difficult and trying weekend due to moronic decisions made by the board of Narcolepsy Network. I will be attending their national conference in October, but sadly my relationship with them is likely ending. I have no doubt that I will blog about that soon. More importantly, I made a new friend on Facebook today. She actually knew me from Narcolepsy Network’s forums, but we had never exchanged direct messages before. She shared some wonderful compliments with me, particularly that my blog had helped her when she was initially diagnosed. Although I had been working up the energy to get back to my writing, that interaction spurred me to post this. I love how PWNs can do so much for each other in such simple ways.



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